SadhviSez: The Life of Flowers and Bunnies


The quince bush has started to flower. Some of the dandelion flowers have bloomed. It’s cold and below freezing at night, and sunny and reaching in the 50’s in the daytime. It’s the warmest winter that I can remember in the 13 years that I’ve been in these parts.

But me and the 3 new baby bunnies we got gifted to us are very happy!  We like sunshine and blue skies. And we like it crisp at night.

There’s a non-profit animal rescue shelter nearby that had just too many baby rabbits. So we agreed to take these three.

It’s always interesting as to how they get their names. In this case, we had to fill out a four page form and sign in front of a witness, saying that we would never eat them, that we would give them fresh water daily, and then there were 3 blanks for their names. After reading all these pages, I decided to write in those blanks, “Finger, Lickin’, Good.”

Oh, just kidding! Flip, Flop, and Florian: that is what they’ll be called.

By the way, the one on the right in the picture, he really is smiling. His name is “Flip”.

I love all our animals. And put flower essences in their water, or make tea for them when it gets really cold. And in return, I am gifted with the most wonderful manure that I could hope for. Rabbit manure can be put directly in the garden, without any composting. The only other manure is bat guano. But that is hard to come by.

The daffodils are up and have buds. Which is different, since there are no crocuses appearing. Nothing can be done. And, nothing matters…words from Osho that I find comforting these days.

I hope you are enjoying your life.

Life of flowers from VOROBYOFF PRODUCTION on Vimeo.

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