I honestly don’t feel like there is a small gap between me and the next generation any more.  It just feels big. 

I don’t like FaceBook much any more either.  In fact, I find myself wanting to be on the computer less and less, but more and more time is spent there.  I’ve been trying and cannot seem to take a break from my computer and cell phone for even one day.  It is a true addiction.  Just wondering, how many hours do you spend on your computer each day?

One night this past week, my husband and I were making dinner together.  I am cranky by nature, and people who know me understand.  I mean, I am not used to having him around helping me in a smallish space, so he put on an old Cat Stevens CD, and within a few minutes I was in a really nice space.  I imagine my Mom and Dad had similar experiences, but with Buddy Holly

So I am getting old – damn it!  Since there isn’t much I can do about it, except whine a little from time to time, I want to share another song that takes me back to a time that makes me feel relaxed and in a mellow space.  Enjoy!

Joni Mitchell playing with James Taylor, singing background harmony on the song: “You can close your Eyes”.

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