Well, I want to thank all of our readers and fans who clicked on the Google Adsense ads to the left side of our site.  It did help us out with a penny a click.  And we got our first check for $100 recently, which means 10,000 of you clicked on one of those ridiculous ads that seemed to have nothing to do with our site.  If you notice, there is now a blank space where those ads used to be.  It seems that we have been terminated since someone clicked too often or too many times, according to the terms that we agreed to.  I was a bit surprised & embarrassed to get that email notification from Google, but after a short while, I realized that whoever was the guilty party was only supporting us.

What else?  Well, according to the May 16, 2011 issue of TIME magazine (did you know they date their magazine ahead) which I subscribe to and get in my mailbox located at the end of my driveway, and actually sit down to read:

69% is the “increase in ExxonMobil’s first-quarter earnings from the same period last year; the oil-and-gas giant made almost $11 billion, marking one of its most profitable quarters ever”.

With gas prices going up weekly during the last couple of months based on whatever fear-based shortage is being fabricated, I was deeply saddened by the greed of, well, whoever owns ExxonMobil – who is that?  Wall Street?  Mr. Roberts?  Big Bird?

Oh! Oh! Oh!  I really should consider getting some sort of pill that will make me feel comfortably numb.  Some of my closest friends have told me that I am bi-polar, and it’s just a sickness that can be fixed with a pill.  Which makes the following YouTube video of one of my favorite bands, Pink Floyd, performing “Comfortably Numb” live rather appropriate.  Enjoy!


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