Sadhvi Sez: It’s a Miracle and it’s called Spring!


So much intensity these days, no?  Just about everyone I talk to is overwhelmed…oh oh oh what to do?  I actually sprained my ankle on Monday and had to take a few days off to get better.  I mean, I couldn’t walk!  But, it felt so good to STOP.  Hey, maybe next time I will just be able to take off and not have to have an “accident”?

There is thankfully, Spring which has sprung, which is looking more like Summer around my neck of the woods, but I won’t go into that right now.  This year it’s nothing short of a miracle to see the grass growing and the flowers opening in my garden.


A friend named “Buddha” once told me that I had to get a calycanthus that had the most amazing smell of fresh cut cantaloupe.  I had never heard of it until I read in a garden book about a type of sweet shrub or calycanthus called “Athens”.  It opened recently, and it does fill the air with an incredible smell that makes me so happy, and it does smell just like cantaloupe!  If it grows in your area, I highly recommend having one in your yard.

I planted a lettuce bed last fall.


I had lettuce just about until the New Year, when the cold nights of winter pretty much did them in.  I didn’t dig up the wilted and dead looking plants like I usually do to clean up my beds for spring.  To my surprise, all those dead plants came back and now I have full heads of beautiful salad in abundance.  Something that I will remember for the future.


I also planted a new lettuce bed and will soon start to thin that out for salads.

The first Oriental poppy opened this morning.


I had to take a picture to share because it is magnificent!

What else?  The first bearded Iris made its appearance a few days ago…this is the one that smells like Welch’s Grape Juice that is really intoxicating.


I am feeling so much better thanks to Spring.  I hope you are enjoying nature wherever you happen to be in this crazy world!

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