Cool Women over 50: Sadhvi & her new Mac loves Everyone and Everything!

Being a woman over 50, I find that I can take a lot because I like routine and dislike change in my life.  Take my computer for instance: while my husband and many friends (even my Mom!) have Mac’s


 got a free pc years ago and it’s been fine.  Fine because my monitor is a Sony, my keyboard is ergonomically designed for my comfort level, and my genius trouble-shooter husband has made so many upgrades and improvements to it over the years, including keeping the much-needed virus protection up to date, that I am never really aware of any problems – only he is, and that’s Ok.

Sadhvi’s new mini Mac

But all that changed last week when I couldn’t get to my email (I used Microsoft Outlook 2007), and I was not able to access the Internet.  I’ve never been addicted to crack or cocaine to experience “cold turkey”, but I imagine that’s what I experienced during those couple of (long) days without a computer: I paced, sweated, and felt very restless – I was desperate to check my email and yes, even Facebook!

After spending many hours on the phone with my server, they said I should just contact Microsoft, which I did.  Microsoft then said my problems were because I needed to upgrade to their new Outlook 2010 email program and then everything would be fine.  Well, I didn’t want to do that because I didn’t feel like that was the problem!  My husband contacted the guys that he has when he can’t find a solution, and they said “oh yeah, it’s a brand new virus, and we would have to install this new anti-virus program, and it would cost around $250 and we could pick it up in 7-10 days”.  I grabbed the phone from him and asked if I couldn’t get it fixed sooner?  The man said if I paid an extra $50 he could move me to the top of the list.  That did it!  I thanked him and said I was going to apply that $300 toward my new Mac, and never have to bother him again.  And guess what?  I still have my wonderful Sony monitor and familiar keyboard, but now, my littleminiMac is doing its thing, and life is so much better.  In fact, I think it’s the best thing I have ever done in regards to anything to do with computers.  I thought there would be a big learning curve, but there has been none.  If anything, it’spure pleasure. The only thing I have to learn is how to get over being amazed at the speed of everything: Zip! Zip! Zip!

Dealing with change?  Oh, I guess I won’t be having to waste any more time dealing with viruses, because there aren’t any with Mac’s.  But that is a change I can get used to.  So, in case you are wondering or wavering about making the change: don’t!

Oh wait a minute, there is one thing that I do notice: that everything else seems to go slower…like water coming from my faucet, or like the time it takes for me to physically walk to my mailbox.  But again, I figure I will just have to get used to that.  So, thank you Mac, thank you Apple, thank you Steve Jobs, thank you beloved husband, thanks to everyone that is responsible for having an alternative to the pc.

P.S. To all my friends and family who don’t have a Mac, don’t worry, I won’t become a born-again Apple person like some people I know because it won’t become my religionI’ll just be a happier person in general spreading love and kindness to everyone I meet because I won’t be dealing with computer viruses any longer!

Thank you Steve Jobs!

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