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I don’t get it.  The economy is hurting, people are losing their homes, the shelters are begging for winter jackets and food for the homeless, and the Malls are packed.  How do I know this?  Every day, I pass the Mall on my way to and from work, and these days the parking lot is full.  So, tonight, I decided to stop by to see if people were actually Christmas shopping or just hanging out.

Serious Shoppers

And guess what?  Cha-ching, Cha-ching, Cha-ching – those cash registers were working overtime.   People were actually spending money and toting around the shopping bags to prove it.Plus, they were waiting in line at the Food Court for bad Mall food, bad Chinese, bad pizza, bad fries.

Bad Mall Food

Now, I don’t know about other women friends over 50, but this year I’m cutting back and making my gifts with my dear friend Sadhvi (if we can ever find the time to do it). This will not only enable me to save money, and feel crafty, but it will get me away from the dreaded shopping frenzy.  Please don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the holiday spirit as much as ya’ll – well, maybe not AS much since I’m Jewish and don’t really have to,  but what I want to know is where is everyone getting the money to shop, shop, shop and load up on bad Mall food?

Personally, if I didn’t feel so strongly about supporting the local business owners, I’d do more on-line shopping.  After all, it has its advantages.

Advantages to shopping on-line

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